Reiki is a gentle and powerful healing modality that has been around for almost 100 years, and it has grown quickly in both recognition and popularity.  Reiki is now often offered as a complementary healing modality in hospitals and clinics worldwide. I’ve been working with this form of energy healing since 1991, and I’ve certified hundreds of Reiki practitioners since 1993 when I became a Reiki Master (teacher).

I’m always fascinated by the wide-ranging symptoms that have improved in my clients and the subtle life changes that take place in the lives of my students as well.

Reiki seems to have an ability to go to where the client needs it the most, while also creating a sense of balance and inner stillness. Reiki is completely safe for people of all ages, from newborn babies, to supporting the end of life transition for elderly people in hospice care.

I was initially trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho the most common form of Reiki taught in the United States. This form of Reiki is defined by the former lineage bearer, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, as having four aspects: healing practice, personal development, spiritual discipline and mystic order. In Reiki as in most spiritual disciplines, lineage is important because the teachings and energetic keys are passed down from teacher to student. I can trace my own lineage in Usui Shiki Ryoho via Phyllis and back to Mikao Usui the originator of the method.

In 2014 I discovered the Modern Mystery School and after being initiated as an adept, I learned the school offers EnSofic Reiki and I was instantly drawn to it. In the Modern Mystery School, EnSofic Reiki is part of the The Modern Mystery School EnSofic Ray™ Healing Modality.

What does EnSofic Reiki mean? The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words Rei and Ki. Rei means a ray or beam of energy, and Ki is the life force energy that flows through us and around us. In Chinese it’s known as Chi and the term is used in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and martial arts.

EnSof is the Kabbalistic term for Source, or unlimited potential. It is pure energy, which can be directed through EnSofic Reiki. The Ensofic Ray healing modality is not limited to a hands-on-healing focused only to improve physical or emotional health, and neither is Usui Shiki Ryoho when it’s taught properly, as is evident by Phyllis Furumoto’s definition above. However much of the Reiki taught in the US is sadly watered-down, and the EnSofic Ray healing modality is truly the “whole enchilada” of the original system.

When Mikao Usui discovered Reiki in 1922 on Mt. Kurama in Japan – he was not searching for a way to heal, he was searching for enlightenment and for peace of mind. In Japanese this is referred to as “Anjin-Ryumei” and it means acceptance of destiny/fate, to find absolute inner peace, and enlightenment or a state of being where we live life alive. After more than 20 days on the mountain Usui had a powerful experience where he fully experienced this Anjin-Ryumei state of mind. He realized it’s how we bring joy into our lives and also healing for all illness.

The five principles the Gokai were articulated by Mikao Usui, after he started practicing the hands-on healing method which later was called Reiki. Usui was treating many people, who would get better, but often after some time they would report their symptoms had returned. When he developed the five principles, and started to pass it on, and it helped people stay healthy longer. What are these 5 principles of Reiki, called the Gokai and what do they mean.

Just for today:

  • Do not be angry
  • Do not be worried
  • Be grateful
  • Do your duties
  • Be kind to others

Just for today, just for now in this moment, stay in the present. Right here, right now.

  • Don’t let anger pull you into the past with all its wrongs that still upset you.
  • Don’t let worry pull you into the future with all its unknowns that may scare you.  Let it go and come back to the present moment.
  • Focus instead on experiencing and expressing gratitude right here and right now.
  • Doing your duties; is tending to what’s on your plate in front of you, right now.
  • From this responsible and grateful state of being, practice kindness in all of your affairs.

Our overall health  improves undoubtedly when we live by these principles day by day.

According to Mikao Usui these 5 principles are the key to invite joy into our lives. The energy of Joy is a part of creation. We need it in order to create health and abundance in our lives. The Gokai principles are really a way of life. Living these principles require that we approach each day in alignment with ourselves, nature and the universe. Staying in the present moment places us above our monkey mind chatter, our childhood wounding and allows us rise up to an evolved version of ourselves, in the Modern Mystery School often referred to as our God or Goddess self.

Former clients and students, people who have already experienced reiki sessions and teachings from me have asked; what is feeling so different? They have noticed that the energy I’m able to flow during session is now noticeably stronger and come with an amazing sense of inner stillness. Since then I became a certified EnSofic Reiki Instructor with the Modern Mystery School, the vast majority of my clients and students have chosen to receive the Life-Activation, which is the first step in the mystery school journey. As a result their Reiki experience has become even stronger. The energy enhances their personal lives and helps them as practitioners as well.

There is a connection between our physical, emotional, soul and spirit bodies. When we are out of balance on a spirit, soul or emotional level it affects our physical health. Integrating healing at the soul and spirit levels with the Ensofic Ray Healing Modality helps create balance at a very core level. The 5 principles of Reiki are good reminders that we can heal and have more joy in our lives.

Shared Insights from Trine Jensen.