Is it Action? Will? Imagination? Faith?
What’s the correct order: Action? Will? Imagination? Faith? Imagination? Action?

When I choose to meditate (get still with no music; no tv; no other voices) – I see images; I hear words describing scenarios/situations/interactions/platforms/rooms/gardens, and so much more (it’s like being in an airplane traveling high and low with a video camera). The thing is, I am the pilot, videographer and participant in all the activities. I’m observing myself too. I am the observer; the witness.

When I re-awaken (meaning come back to feeling the chair I am sitting in the room I am in) I feel hopeful; I feel excited; I feel energized; I want to talk about it; I want to physically experience all that I had just experienced now. That leads me into an intense desire to share it with others whom are willing to listen, take notes, and an intense desire to transform the script into a physical manifestation. I want to collaborate with those whom have the skill set, wisdom, knowledge, hope, faith and intense desire to physically contribute their (they have been the silent Observer of) heart-filled joyous observations to the observation I shared.

When I see and hear during mediation I feel inspired to behave – take action. I feel in that moment that the observation is totally possible in the now. That it can happen; it can unfold; Actually, I feel that it has unfolded; I know this because I have enjoyed what I observed. So, it is so! Then I re-awake – back – into physical “reality” feeling hopeful with an intense desire to see it manifest in physical life form. This is where the rubber meets the road. The vision is now – past, yet is present because I want to now feel and touch it in the now. So, now, is it faith moving forward? or is it faith and action – together moving forward? Okay, now the mind has invaded identifying and demanding the next steps. Now, I feel anxious. This is totally unlike how I felt as the silent Observer.

I want to focus on the creativity in my “awaken” state. I want to continue seeing; imagining that which I want no matter where I am or whom I am talking with. I want this to be the desire and behavior. I want to align with the resources. The resources I know are present, because I just saw them all together depicting a beautiful scenery / experience / interaction. I want to experience myself saying: Yes, please come. Yes, that’s an appropriate price. Yes, that’s the color; Yes, that the exact material; Yes, that’s exactly what I saw. Yes, I want to change that, here’s the update. Yes, to courage to change as updates present themselves.

When I allow myself to be present in the creativity I feel joy, happiness, hope, peace in my mind. When I choose other wise I feel anxious. I blame. I criticized. I behave dramatically creating chaos.

So, I choose to concentrate, discipline myself to direct the flow into imagining what I want; what I need. I choose to bring about intense concentration on the desire not the process. This is success for me. This is what’s first for me. How about you?

Insights shared by Najla-Trueheart