Life has a rhythm. It has its ups and downs. We can flow with it or fight it… or we can master it with Momentum.

If you’re ready to build momentum in your life, it’s a simple 4-step process.

Step 1 – Get Clarity

There are thousands of resources out there showing us all how to be successful, but what does success really mean to you? Is it money, cars, houses or other material things? Is it traveling, a job promotion, getting recognition or other experiences? Is it peace, tranquility, joy or other states of being?

Even if it’s material things or experiences, it’s usually because of how we think those “things” or “experiences” are going to make us “feel” anyway.

Many people are chasing success, but they haven’t taken the time to get clarity on what success really means to them. Before we can build momentum, we first have to know what we’re building momentum toward. So getting clarity about our vision or goal is the first step.

We have the power to create our Universe. What do you want it to be? How do you want to design your life? Be bold and dream big!

If you’re not sure about your purpose or what you want to create, a Life Activation is a great way for you to open up your intuition and get more clarity.

Step 2 – Create Your Foundation

Once we’re clear about what we want, we have to create the foundation for it. Just like any structure, our vision or goal needs a strong foundation to support it as we’re building momentum toward it. Otherwise, it could completely crumble when we’re halfway there.

Our foundation can have many aspects to it.

  • What’s the plan or blueprint for how you’re going to achieve your vision or goal?
  • What mindset do you have to maintain? Who do you need to BE?
  • What kind of energy do you want to have?
  • What resources are necessary?
  • What do you want to let go of to make it happen? Beliefs, distractions, negativity?
  • What kind of environment do you want to support you?

Two tools can help you in building your foundation, the Empower Thyself workshop gives you tools and teachings to master your mindset, increase your energy and tap into your spiritual resources. We also offer many healings and clearings to support you in reconnecting with your power and letting go of what’s getting in the way of your progress.

Step 3 – Challenge and Grow

The greatest key to momentum is in Step 3 – to challenge ourselves and keep growing.

If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’re going to get the same results. To build momentum, we have to step outside of our comfort zone – regularly!

To build momentum, we have to be consistent. We need to take consistent action toward our vision or goal. That means doing something every day, but not in a way that becomes rote and boring.

We also want to fuel our consistency with passion – always holding our vision as our spark of passion and our guiding light of direction.

Sometimes, things won’t go as we planned (we can count on that fact), so we can make faster progress by learning and adjusting as we go. You can also use it as a time to evaluate your foundation and shore it up where necessary.

We can break through the obstacles that show up by looking at them as opportunities to adjust, test and learn. We don’t fail until we stop trying. It’s all part of challenging ourselves and continuing to grow.

Step 4 – Celebrate Your Progress

When we’re focused on our goal or vision, we can sometimes get caught up in looking toward the future and what we want it to be. We’re building momentum, but we also want to stay present.

The journey is where our fulfillment comes from. As you reach milestones along the way, take the time to celebrate your progress.

We see these cycles of ebb and flow in every aspect of nature. We can flow with the rhythm of it by taking the time to celebrate along the way and acknowledge how far we’ve come.

This can be a time to take a break, rest and rejuvenate so you can continue to build your momentum.

Once you’ve built momentum to achieve your goal, dream another dream and go back to Step 1 to get clear on what you want to create next. As we continue to grow and expand, we will find more joy and true fulfillment in the momentum!

Shared Insights from Sonya Shelton.